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Quinta dos Cochichos - Rural Guesthouse - How was it before?

All houses have a history .... And Quinta dos Cochichos also has one.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pinheiro who has, still present in the family, two of the people who originated the Quinta: one is 94 and the other 95 years old.

It was this gentleman who gave us the joy of showing you what the houses of other times were like.

Take a look at some "before and after" pictures that we are sure you will enjoy.

The Quinta was a "Monte" or "Hill".

It is called "monte" or "hill" to the rural property, more or less extensive, and its facilities. In the narrow sense, the term is also applied only to the whole of the dwelling and dependencies of the owner or farmer. These houses are usually situated on top of an elevation - therefore Hill - standing out in the (usually) Alentejo plain.

The oldest part was built before 1910, with repairs made in 1922.

The southern part that proudly shows the acronyms MV (of name Maria Vitoria), was constructed around 1910 and rebuilt in 1947.

Several houses lodged several families of the same family. They are centuries old houses that keep the experiences of several generations.

A few years ago, the Philippart family decided to come live to this Quinta. Quinta is a rural property with one or more country houses inside.

To the "monte" was given the name of Quinta dos Cochichos, this time in honor of the housekeeper's grandfather.

Paula never received the name of her grandfather, as her mother had beed bullied so often at school that she refused to give this family name to her daughter.
The grandfather, sad and full of grandchildren "Cochichos"  .. showed his displeasure.

So that nobody is sad not having the family name, it was decided to give the Quinta the name of grandfather Cochicho!

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